Looking for a game on the Balkans? Go for wild boar hunting in Bulgaria

Eastern Europe hunting fame increases over the past few decades, and still, the Western has a substantial advantage at the expense of the former Soviet-bloc lands. The woods of Spain, Italy, Germany, and France are denser populated of big and small game. A recently issued map shows that the wild boar hunting in Bulgaria might deliver with promising perspectives, but the Balkan state serves as an exclusion to the tendency. The same applies for Central European countries that also have been left east of the Berlin Wall before 1990 – naming the Czech Republic is an appropriate example.

The advantage comes with the price

If you look at the map, you see the wide red zones, densely populated by the wild boar in Western Europe. If you search for a game on the Balkans, most of the territory is green (sparsely populated) or yellow at best (moderately). Wild boar hunting in Bulgaria occurs to be the best choice in the region with some orange and reddish areas. What makes more and more people visit the land to chase hogs in the forests is the affordable deal. For example, a group of three hunters coming from abroad is charged 1100 Euro per person for 4 hunting days and 5 nights of accommodation. Except for the bed in a luxurious hunting lodge, the price includes the food for the foreign guests, reception at the airport and transfer to the hunting reserve, taking care of the annoying paperwork.

The measurement of the game if you have the luck to shoot it down is also included in the deal. Well, the trophy is something you pay for additionally depending on the size and the weight.

Reaching the reserve is fast

The country is not significant in size, so the transfer from Sofia Airport to the hunting reserves situated in the Balkan Mountain takes not more than two hours. These are the areas with orange and reddish color on the map and thus – the best for wild boar hunting in Bulgaria. The more appropriate approach for the purpose is hunting from a high seat.

The driven wild boar hunting in Bulgaria is an option more likely to be attempted in the plains. The density of the population is lower in the lowlands anyway. The country may not be as densely populated as Northeastern Spain or Southern France, but it still has enough for the wild game shooters. There are almost 100 thousand boars in the wild, so the foreign travelers are welcomed with a high chance to have a successful hunting experience.

Eто го линкът с картата, която споменавам на няколко пъти.